chicheme (also known as marisa, bahoruco, more other dumb alias) is the author and creator of her eponymous personal wiki website, "everything chicheme knows". they lurk and post in the interwebs sometimes, she is also said to be covered in 90 layers of extreme irony. she considers herself a geography and history nerd, she is also an avid gamer and artist.

the conceiving of chicheme

i was born somewhere in long island, ny to my panamanian mom and non-latino dad. i have sisters and brothers. at a young age i was interested in the internet, to the point my dad and mom acknowledged it and refers to me as "tech savvy". they're not wrong though. the parts of panama my family is from is the mountains and the city/canal. i can speak some spanish, but it's mostly just swears.

more about this loser

i like many things, like most humans do. i'm not an alien. i'm fascinated with imageboard culture, countries, history, planets, art, and plenty more. i hate the majority of the modern internet, and social media. they're all the same thing with the same toxic people, however i do use these websites, i might be a hypocrite for that.


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