brick hill

brick-hill is a website like roblox, except it has forums and the south chicago of roblox copies. brick-hill was started back in 2015 by both british luke dunn and his brother alex dunn. alex is known as "spacebuilder" while luke is known as "brick-luke".

basic history

as i said in the beginning introduction, this site was started and concepted back in 2015. in 2017, it finally released and thats when the early users came in. in january 2018, spacebuilder announced that luke died 2 weeks ago. the site has gone through many layout changes and events. some events are notorious and notable as inside-jokes/memes in the community, like the egg hunt, event presents not opening, and the new client. as of 2022 and the time of writing, it has 800,000+ users.

the forums

the forums, along with the events, developers/games, and events are the only things keeping this site alive. most users of brick-hill consider the forums as a cesspool, the people who usually say this mostly use the discord, but who am i to blame.


off-topic (abbreviated as ot) is the most active and most well-known subforum. it is home to most of the shitposting, raids, and most threads when you peep at the forums. it holds alot of characters from known to lesser-known when you browse. it can be compared to 4chan's /b/ and or /pol/.

brick hill hub

the 2nd most-active forum. it is the hub for most stuff relating and related to brick-hill. it can be dead sometimes, as most current users just use off-topic for the majority of discussion.

notable people

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