if you came to see a looottt of pixels in one screen, well, you're not in luck.
if so, my bandwidth would be messed the hell up!!

anyways, i'm gonna give tips on how to get pixels for your personal website-whatever (scroll down to see)


emojibank is a japanese-only website featuring tons of pixels!!!

note: get a translator (not google) to search the majority of things up in this site. there are few english keywords.

some keywords to use!!

the translation for the japanese will be ontop. the translations might work as keywords.

  • cat
  • キュートcute
  • エルモelmo
  • スヌーピーsnoopy
  • アニメanime
  • 血液blood
  • モナーmona (from 2ch)
  • ハートheart
  • フードfood
and.... the other keywords are your choice. they might have what pixel you want.

making your own pixels

don't wanna translate any keyword from japanese to your language? make your own!
tip: most pixels from emojibank are 10x10~40x40 px. though you can make it larger if you want.

other methods

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