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public enemy #1
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feeling: idk. . .
i'm marisa, the webmaster of this website that your computer is displaying now.

i made this website for my creative endeavors or something... it's my personal dumping ground for everything.......... meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i am from panama and speak spanish. however i speak english (obv.) and learning portuguese.

i am also bi. i also like cheesecake. i have no idea what to put here........
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adorations ig
stuff i likey wikeys.
stuff i love is bold
death grips, zun, siouxxie, lovejoy, insane clown posse, ofwgkta, any oldschool rap ig, kaystrueno, kali uchis, whatever i find good to my ears.

paswg, serial experiments lain, yotsuba&!, nichijou, azumanga daioh, bandori, chainsaw man

minecraft, touhou, cookie run, bandori,

nijiura maids, os-tan, netrunmon/ukagaka
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other stuff.
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misc. #2
other stuff the 2nd
mental disorder fakers, subtwts, toxic people, rude people, people who can't take a joke, leftists, rightists, those alt bunnyhat losers, the word/term "latinx" and "latine", most cookie run stans, tiktok, fujoshis

stans, neopronouns, tumblr, reddit, web 2.0

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