marisa, panamanian,
minecraft & 2hu addict. rentry extended abt  
(h)ola, im marisa, the webmaster of this stylized abomination!

i'm from panama and avid 2hou player. i also play minecraft and watch people do it.

my favorite things evar is flags, geography, drawing...... and some other stuff.

i speak in portuguese, spanish, and english..... im learning portuguese doe...... its because of portugal (and brazil)

likes: bandori, touhou, cookie run, video games, minecraft, drawing, history, old school hiphop, death grips, blood, happycore, g11s, old web, offbrand items, whatever i find interesting or soothing

dislikes: twitter, politics, leftists & rightists, did/osdd/mental illness fakers, the word "latinx/latine", modern cartoon reboots